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Friday, September 22, 2017

Simon's Cat video shows why play is important for cats.

The latest video in the Simon’s Cat Logic series focuses on play time – a favoured pastime for most cats! As Simon explains, cats can often be choosy about their playthings, often favouring simple objects like a piece of string or a cardboard box over complex toys and activities.

"Most of these toys end up under the sofa or fridge," says Simon. "Teddy’s favourite toy is a piece of string. He’ll chase this all day long and if you go outside and put it in the long grass, he’s the happiest cat in the world."

Nicky Trevorrow, Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager, focuses on indoor cats and the importance of play time for them. "Cats that are indoor-only require more exercise and play. Indoor cats should have multiple short play sessions throughout the day."

One of the best toys for playing with indoor cats, or any cat, is the fishing rod toy. Nicky explains that they are great to showcase different types of play, whether you choose to hold it up in the air or run it across the ground. She has some top tips for playing with them too.

"Avoid dangling it in front of your cat’s face. Cats are far-sighted, meaning they can’t see well under 25 centimetres. They much prefer the fishing rod toy moving away from the cat, similar to how prey would move."

Both Nicky and Simon agree that however and whenever you play with your cat, it is of great benefit to them and to you and helps to strengthen your bond.


If you’d like to learn more about the Simon’s Cat Logic series, visit their YouTube channel.

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