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A pair of hefty homeless cats are benefiting from a new weight-loss programme which will give them a chance at a happy future.

Siblings Fergie and Josie came into the care of our Warrington Adoption Centre after their owner had to give them up when they moved to a property where the landlord would not allow pets.

obese ginger catobese ginger catFergie when she arrived at the centre

When the six-year-old sisters first arrived at the centre, it was noticeable that they were on the large side, having been living the luxury life of indoor cats.

Fergie weighed in at over 8.2kg, double that of the average cat. Josie was the smaller of the two at 6.4kg, still well over her ideal weight.

Being overweight can reduce cats’ quality of life as they may struggle to move or groom themselves properly. Obese cats are prone to joint problems and have an increased risk of developing weight-related illnesses such as diabetes mellitus and urinary infections.

Obese ginger cat lying on sideJosie at the centre

“Although they are siblings, they were not particularly bonded to each other and being in a pen together led to them not eating particularly well, which, believe it or not, for such big cats can be a big problem,” said Deputy Centre Manager Emma Harris.

“Once we separated them, they became much happier and moved around more; and we were able to control their food portions more easily. In less than two weeks Fergie dropped to 7.7kg, and Josie was down to 6.4kg, which is a great result.”

Now their weights are going in the right direction, they are ready to find new homes, where they can continue their healthy eating regimes.

Obese ginger cat lying in grey cat bedFergie after she lost a little bit of weight

“Thankfully, Josie has already been reserved and will be off to her forever home very soon,” said Emma. “We are really hoping that it won’t be long before someone spots Fergie and thinks ‘that’s the cat for me’.”

“She has lived with young children before so is likely to be content in a family environment. Fergie is a confident, friendly cat, who just needs a bit of time to warm to people before becoming an affectionate companion.”

To find out about adopting Fergie visit the Warrington Adoption Centre’s website.

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