Feral cats

FeralsWe feed, neuter and care for many of the feral cats in the Cheltenham and Tewkesbury area. This involves daily trips by one of our experienced volunteers to the feral sites with food, as well as trapping and neutering to help prevent feral numbers from growing. We also ensure that we get appropriate treatment for any feral cat that gets sick.

If feral kittens are caught early enough some can be tamed and homed as loving pets.

Do you have a farm, stable, garden centre, factory or small holding?  If so, and have problems with vermin, a feral cat can help solve the problem.

Sometimes we have feral cats looking for new lodgings;  they are perfectly happy to go about their ‘job’ as long as they have a warm, dry place to sleep, regular food and fresh water.

Like all of our cats, our ‘workers’ have been neutered and health checked so you can adopt with confidence.

If you have any queries, please contact our:

Homing Officer
Telephone:  0345 371 2730
Email:  homing@cheltenham.cats.org.uk