FIV Cats

We have recently taken in to our care a lovely little kittie who has FIV, so, in honour of wonderful Pi we felt it was time to add some information on FIV to our website to inform you of all the facts surrounding this condition.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV
What is FIV?
FIV reduces a cat's immune system, and leaves it more vulnerable to other infections it is not life threatening on its own. It cannot be transmitted to humans.
What do we do?
All Cats Protection branches take in FIV cats. When FIV cats are taken in we do our best to rehome them and ask that they are taken as indoor cats. An FIV Cat's Life In our experience, FIV positive cats do not have a short life expectancy and they live an identical life to other cats, they simply require a little more close attention. Just as all cats require they need protection through regular vaccinations against flu and leukaemia.
Sadly, FIV cats stay with us a lot longer than other cats, as many people do not know all of the facts about FIV. Please think about adopting a FIV positive kitty, they truly deserve a happy life filled with affection and kindness and can provide fantastic companionship as an indoor cat.
Further Information
For further information on FIV please look at the leaflet produced by Cats Protection which can be found at the following link: