Cats Protection strongly recommend the neutering of male and female cats. However, it is important to note that the vet responsible for your cat will specify when they are prepared to carry out the neutering operation (from four months of age).  Your vet will consider each case on its own merits.

Listed below are some important reasons why you should get your cat or kitten neutered:

Good reasons to neuter your female cat
To stop her having unwanted kittens and the problems of finding forever homes for them

To stop her calling and wailing every time she comes into season
To stop attracting tomcats and their smell to your house
To prevent related health problems, i.e. womb infection, mammary tumours

Good reasons to neuter your male cat
To stop him roaming away from home and fathering unwanted kittens
To stop him spraying in and around your house and making it smelly
To avoid annoying the neighbours by fighting and smelling
To prevent related health problems, i.e. Feline Aids or Leukaemia Virus.

Neutering Vouchers

Neutering vouchers are available to the value of...
£40 for females and £25 for males

If you live within these postcode areas:  Cheltenham GL50, GL51, GL52, GL53, GL54 4** and Tewkesbury GL20, and fall into one of the following categories:  Student, Pensioner, Low Income, Receipt of Benefits, you will be eligible for our voucher scheme.

What do I do now?
You will need to provide our neutering officer with the following information:

  • Name, age and sex of cat
  • Owner's name and address, including postcode
  • Name, address and postcode of your vet (the voucher will be sent to your vet)
  • Category of eligibility
  • Date when you hope to take your cat to the vet

Contact details for our neutering officer:

Neutering Officer
Telephone:  0345 371 2730