What we do

We are currently focussing our efforts and resources on neutering and education.  This work will in the longer term result in us getting on top of the cat welfare issues in the area, which result from the cat population not being under control.

We currently run an 'Assisted' neutering programme, where people receiving benefits and on low incomes can ask for help toward the cost of neutering their cat.  Telephone 0345 3712760
We have our  shop  in Crane Street, Chichester, where we have plenty of goods for sale ranging from books to clothing and bric a brac.  This provides us with much of the income for our neutering work.
  If are interested in adopting a cat or you have found a cat that you wish to adopt from another branch- we can arrange a Home Visit- to help you understand the needs and care of your new pet.

Free Cat Care Talks!

Cats Protection offers free talks to all ages and community groups.

One of Cats Protection's key aims is to educate children and adults about cats and their care.

We believe that helping people to learn will ultimately contribute to acheiving our vision of a world where every cat is treated with kindess and an understanding of its needs.

Cats Protection offers free talks to groups that cover a range of different topics including how to keep a cat healthy and happy, how cats communicate and cat body language. 

Talks are delivered to all ages and community groups e.g. 3 to 18 year old students, Brownies, Beavers and other Community Groups.  We also offer talks to adults and special interest groups.

Our talks are fun, informative and can be customised to suit your group or your national curriculum requirements.  We also supply free cat goodies so book your workshop today!

To book please contact Sarah, your Community Education Officer on:

Sarah.Searle@cats.org.uk / 07814 223901