National Black Cat Day

National Black Cat Day happens annually in October - watch this space for this year's date. 

According to charity figures it takes a monochrome moggy 13 per cent longer on average to find their new home than more colourful cats - that’s one week longer in care!  All cats in our care deserve a home but unfortunately people do have preferences.  We work hard to promote the adoption of these monochrome moggies and to dispell the myths surrounding them.

Celebrity cats are also working hard to increase awareness of rescue cats and adoption from charities rather than sourcing privately.  Cole (who is beautiful and black) and Marmalade have a playlist on their YouTube channel dedicated to black cat awareness - Black Cat Videos .  The Bear, a 20 year old black cat written about by his owner Tom Cox, has his own Twitter account @MYSADCAT and four books have been published about him and the other cats he lives with, a great ambassador for black cats everywhere.

Simon's Cat, although white in the animated videos, is based on all Simon Tofield's cats but mainly his black cat, Hugh.  Sadly Hugh has recently passed away last year - here you can read Simon's tribute to him, prompted by the international Black Cat Appreciation Day held on 17th August.  Simon talks in his video about his own cats how Hugh was likely the main inspiration for Simon's Cat due to his character as a kitten  - watch the whole video here.  He still has Ted, a striking black longhaired cat adopted from a rescue centre as a kitten - look out for him in the videos too!

Take a look at this video created by Cats Protection, which aims to quash a few common misconceptions! -

Black Cats