Our volunteers

Sharman is the Co-ordinator for Cats Protection Crewe and District Branch. She has volunteered with the branch for 18 years and as our Co-ordinator has a lot of balls to juggle. She has the "cat phone" and takes calls from members of the public who have concerns about a cat or who unfortunately can't keep their cat. As we only have a limited number of pens she often has a long waiting list of cats waiting to come into our care. She also takes details of people wanting to adopt a cat, and will forward the details to our volunteer Home Visitors.  She has 5 foster pens of her own, with anything up to 20 cats and kittens in her care at any one time. Sharman has been trained to Microchip our cats and kittens (to keep Vet costs down) so has a regular procession of cats and kittens coming through her home to be chipped. Sharman regularly helps out at our fundraising events, has 7 cats of her own, a big soppy dog and 5 Grandchildren. Nearly forgot Bumble the rabbit

Suzanne has been an active member of Cats Protection Crewe and District Branch for 19 years. Her official title is Fostering Co-ordinator but that is only the tip of the iceberg. She has 5 pens that can accommodate up to 15 cats and kittens. In addition, she has frequently found room in her lounge as overflow for those scared and unsocialised kittens that without human contact in their formative weeks would become virtually impossible to home and sadly grow into unloved adult cats, with no prospect of a happy home life (best case scenario as a stable or barn cat).At least 4 of these skitty kits have eventually moved in permanently, alongside Sue's own cats, but the vast majority soon outgrow their initial fear with Sue's love and kindness and leave for a happy new life with a family to call their own.   You may think this is a full time job in itself (it is!) but Sue also runs her own dog grooming business and has two children. She is ably assisted by husband Dave who is just as dedicated to the care and welfare of the cats but prefers a behind the scenes role. Oh and I also hear she’s a mean dancer on the Northern Soul scene...I don't know how she finds the energy.

Yvonne (
far right) has been volunteering with Cats Protection Crewe and District for 20 years. She is our Secretary, taking minutes at our meetings and making sure everything runs smoothly. She also finds time to foster cats and kittens, taking them to the Vets and making sure they are healthy and ready for homing. She does home checks in her local area. Oscar, who has been in our care for several years now, is one of Yvonne's foster cats. He is a beautiful white cat but due to his deafness needs a particular home that hasn't yet materialised. Hopefully one day.

Andy and Sarah are currently fostering 8 cats and kittens in two pens at their home. As well as working and all their family commitments (and their own animals) they manage to find time to foster cats and kittens for Cats Protection Crewe and District Branch, take them to the Vets to get them health checked, vaccinated and ready for their new homes. They also do home checks in their local area.

Sue H works tirelessly to help feral cats in our district. Sue has been with Cats Protection Crewe and District for 16 years, and has also fostered many cats and kittens in this time. I think it's fair to say what she doesn't know about feral cats is not worth knowing. She traps, neuters and medicates many feral cats every year. She also prepares all the homing packs that we give out when people adopt a cat or kitten, ensuring that all kittens homed are neutered, to try and prevent so many unwanted litters of kittens, a proportion of which inevitably become stray or feral. Sue runs our Neutering Voucher Scheme, with the aim of reducing unwanted litters.

We are a very friendly and welcoming branch. If you have a few spare hours and would like to volunteer, please do get in touch with the branch.

Please call us today on: 01270 588710 or email: crewecp@gmail.com