Feral cats

Feral catWe need caring homes for feral cats such as Mungojerrie and his brother, Rumpelteazer. As expert vermin operatives, and in exchange for food and dry lodgings in a barn or stables, they will decimate your mice and rats!

These special cats have all the sensitivity of domestic cats but are used to living mostly outdoors. In time you can develop their trust. They will have been neutered and will have had full health checks.

If needed at any time, and if within a reasonable distance, we will help with transportation to a vet. We can also help with the provision of food if required.

Feral catGarden homes are also sometimes suitable if the environment is quiet and there is plenty of space. A dry and draught free kennel would be required.

To find out more please contact us on enquiries@croydon.cats.org.uk