Branch Appeal - Chloe

It is my sad duty to tell you that Chloe has passed away. She has been with us for 4 years in the loving care of Leah who agreed to take on the imperious elderly dark tortie as a long term foster. Chloe belonged to an elderly lady who made her family promise to take care of her cat should anything happen to her. When she passed away the family contacted us and demanded we re-home the cat, when there was no space they stated their intention to have her pts. Fortunately an old peoples home said they would take her in but she blotted her copybook by biting a resident – to be fair it was not her fault as a visitor brought a dog in and the resident went to protect Chloe, not realising that Chloe could more than protect herself with a bite! She came back in to care and then Leah came forward, offering to foster her long term.
Chloe was not pretty, she was not cute, she had few redeeming features, being the ultimate grumpy old lady! If you put a hand wrong she would communicate her displeasure promptly, sometimes with  a hiss, sometimes an attempt at a bite or a growl. but saying that she would sometimes soften and allow herself to purr.
Leah and Chloe came an understanding where Leah gave her food, warmth and a kind word, in exchange for the odd cuddle. And so life went on! Sadly, in recent months Chloe lost her sight, suffered with some arthritis and was hard of hearing but never lost her love of food and a soft cushion. With veterinary care she kept her dignity until very recently when she was no longer “happy” and so the hardest decision was made. Most of us have been through that process and know how hard it is, the only reward being that it is done as the best for the cat, not necessarily for us as we mourn.
Our special thanks to Leah who took on such a character and to Chloe who reminded us that every cat has its own character. As the vet said, they will have to have a special spot in cat heaven for Chloe – where she has everything her own way!