Liesel's cat Oscar

After reading about how black and black & white cats are overlooked, Liesel wanted to tell us about her cat Oscar:

Black and white cats are gorgeous and loveable. Let me tell you about my cat Oscar.

Oscar came from the Cat Protection League. Libby brought him to our house and when he climbed out of his cat basket he came and said hello to all of us and climbed up on my big brother. He is really funny when he chases a table tennis ball in the kitchen because he skids into cupboards because the kitchen floor is slippy and he's not good at stopping! He's really naughty because he tells all five of us that he's starving so we used to all feed him and then he got FAT! Now we don't believe him and check with each other. He's really lovely because he when he comes back in the house he looks for all of us and he purrs really loudly on my bed at night. Oscar is the best cat in the world!

Liesel, Aged 8