Lost and Found

If you have lost or found a cat please contact Mags at: DewsburyCatsProLostandFound@Outlook.com

Tel:  01924 454938 (normal office hours apply)

My cat has gone missing, what should I do to try and find him/her?
It is always very difficult for an owner when their cat goes missing but it is important not to give up hope. The first thing to do should your cat go missing is thoroughly search your house and garden, looking in warm spots (under beds, in cupboards, behind wardrobes). When searching call out your cat's name and use strong food smells to lure him out. Ask neighbours to check their sheds, garages and outhouses for signs of your cat too.

If your search proves fruitless start phoning around local veterinary surgeries (an injured cat may have been handed in), phone local animal rescue organisations and the local council. Put up lost cat posters in your area (use a photo if you have one and include a telephone number). You could also consider placing an advert in the local paper, offering a reward could encourage more response. Don't give up, cats can reappear many months after disappearing.

When contacting Cats Protection please send us the following information with a recent photograph:

Name of cat
Description/Colour/Markings of cat
Neutered Y/N
Collar Y/N
Last seen at..................Date............
Owners name...............Contact number...........
We will then put your missing cat on our website.
Cats will remain on the Lost and Found page for 4 months. 
If after this period your cat still needs to be listed, please contact us. 

Thank you