What we do

What we do
We provide a temporary home for unwanted cats; some are strays but most come to us because their owners can no longer look after them, they may have moved, been admitted to hospital or passed away. Many are very distressed at giving up their pets and we do our utmost to ensure that we find the best home for them.

We trap feral cats in their colonies, neuter and return them; we continue to monitor their health and ensure that they are fed every day.
We provide educational material to assist owners with many common problems from moving house to looking after diabetic cats. Leaflets on these and many other subjects can be downloaded from Cats Protection's National website www.cats.org.uk/cat-care.

There are now 2.5 million stray cats in the UK so we  encourage the neutering of all cats that are not specifically required for breeding by education and we will assist with the cost for owners on low incomes.

If you would like help with the cost of neutering we can give vouchers worth £20 for a male, £26 for a female towards the cost. You will need to come to the shelter to collect these as you need to sign the paperwork. We cannot post them out.

Please remember we are there to help so if you have a problem do contact us, we may know the answer or if not we can tell you who can!