Out of work mousers looking for rural employment opportunies

We are always looking for homes for feral cats that need relocating when their previous homes are not suitable for them to return to once they have been neutered.

We are offering the purr-fect solution if you are in need of an enviromentally friendly pest control service.  A pair of feral cats can provide a highly efficient and enviromentally friendly alternative to chemical pest control.  Garden centres, golf clubs, smallholdings farms, stables; in fact, anywhere there is room for the cats to roam and rodents to catch, will provide working cats with a suitable enviroment in which to live and work.

Owners must be prepared to provide their feline employees with food, water, suitable shelter and veterinary care when needed, non of which will affect their desire to catch prey.
All our feral cats are:
  • Neutered
  • Ear-tipped
  • Flea and worm treated
  • Vaccinated

We carry out home checks for all potential feral homes.
We do not charge an adoption fee for feral cats. But any donations will help us to help more cats so will be gratefully accepted.

If you feel you can provide a homeless feral with a suitable home please contact us on:
Tel: 07749 713142
Email: enquiries@northumbria.cats.org.uk