Success stories

We all love a happy ending!

It is lovely to hear about cats who have found happiness in their new homes.  Many of them have had traumatic starts in life but now feel settled and loved.

If you have re-homed a cat from us, feel free to get in touch and let us know how they are doing.  We'd love to hear from you.

Here are just some of the success stories the branch have been involved with...

Ronnie - Homeless over winter

RonniePoor Ronnie is another of the cats who had to survive on his wits during the harsh cold winter we have had. Luckily for him, watchful residents were keeping an eye on him and fed him, he finally came into our care as soon as we had space for him and has now been happily rehomed, he wont have to catch his own supper or shiver in the snow again!

Its a sad fact that due to limited fosterers cats like Ronnie have to wait before we can help them, we rely heavily on the caring public to not only donate money but feed and watch out for strays.

If you could temporarily care for cats in a pen in your garden, all equipment and food provided, or in a spare room in your house please get in touch, we need you.

Henry - Homeless hobo has cosy home at last

HenryPoor Henry was abandoned and badly treated, he had also had some sort of accident involving his tail.

Forced to live outside and survive on his wits throughout the very cold snowy winter we have just had. Thankfully, he was noticed by kindly residents in the area who fed him and kept an eye on him until we brought him into the branch.

Henry now has a new home where he can finally enjoy all the home comforts and be safe.

Marmie - Golden boy not golden oldie!

Regular visitors to our site's homing page may have noticed we are featuring cats from other branches, in return for this favour some of our cats that are taking longer to home are featured on their sites too. One such cat was Christopher, now called Marmaduke.
A lovely ginger and white Maine Coon cat, we didnt know his age, but felt he was 'middle aged' at least, this may have put people off considering him as sadly most folk want young cats.

He caught the eye of a nice lady in South Ayrshire, he is now very happily settled in his new home and is actually the baby of the family as his cat companions are 17!

He has given them a new lease of life and certainly doesn't act his age. We know he has many years of love left to give and a forever home to enjoy them in.

Gus - An amazing cat whose collar almost cost him his leg

GusOne of our volunteers was called to the local college to trap a thin, dirty cat with a collar stuck round its front leg. The collar had been embedded in his flesh for 3-4 months and skin had started to grow over the top, the vet had to remove it surgically. (see photo on the feauture page) There was a real possibility that he may lose his leg. Fortunately, this was not necessary as the huge wound, now infection free, began to heal well although very slowly.

Months and months of vet visits later, the awful wound, which had to heal from the inside out open to the air, is now hardly visible.

Gus's rescuer took on his care and nursing and this handsome teenager is settled into his permanent home to enjoy his retirement.

He is microchipped so he never has to wear a collar again, he is such a handsome, affectionate cat (and clean now!!) and his new family enjoy his kisses & cuddles!

Little Joe - The miracle kitten who defied the odds

Little JoeJoe was found by 2 of our volunteers at 3 weeks old trapped inside a large box of junk. He was tangled up in twine, inside a plastic bag, and squashed under some shears which had fallen on him, he was crying which helped them locate him. Tiny, cold and almost dead, eventually they got him out.

Once at the vets, they were made aware that sadly Joe was unlikely to survive and would probably be brain damaged or disabled due to his injuries. As with every cat, Cats Protection were commited to giving him a chance, and began hand rearing Joe.

Amazingly as the days passed, Joe got stronger although still very twisted and shaky. Against the odds he has now completely recovered, lost his severe head tilt and drunken gait, and apart from scarring from the twine, he is a normal healthy cat with no lasting damage.

He has a new family who love him, and he gets up to a lot of mischief! Look out for Joe in this years Cats Protection fund raising appeals.