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Safeguard your cat
Losing a beloved pet is devastating. We recommend you microchip your pet to give it the best chance of being identified should it become lost.  For a small one-off fee, the microchip provides a lifetime of peace of mind for you, all vets and rescue centres have scanners and routinely check strays to see if they are chipped.  It is vital to make sure your contact details are up to date, you must notify the microchipping company if you move house.

Please be aware of the dangers of collars. A missing cat, Gus, got his leg stuck through his collar and was like this for some months before he was caught by Cats Protection. The damage was horrific, and he nearly lost his leg. The collar was of the widely available sort with an elastic 'safety' insert. The elastic did not break or stretch sufficiently to allow him to free his leg. There are collars which have a quick release plastic fastening which come apart if they get caught, if you really need to put a collar on your cat this kind may be a safer option.

We have had a second cat brought to us with a similar injury, she required extensive surgery to remove her embedded collar and bell but we are happy to report she too has recovered well.
Contrary to popular belief, it is of no benefit to a female cat to have 'just one litter', and having endless litters is not good for her health. Cats have no understanding of incest and families will happily breed and multiply at an alarming rate. Castrating males makes them less likely to wander, fight, or spray, and neutered cats are less likely to contract FIV or FeLV as these diseases are mainly transmitted by fighting and mating.

We can help with the cost of neutering your cat, just ask.  Our vouchers are accepted by all vets in Fife, we are also currently running a  neutering campaign, please phone the branch no. to find out more.

We take in thousands of unwanted kittens each year, so please, please neuter your cats.