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Fireworks and cats

11 October 2012
Fireworks and cats

We are once again fast approaching bonfire night and the time of year when pets are subjected to loud bangs and fireworks lighting up the dark sky.  It is always better if you are able to keep your cats in but as celebrations sometimes last for up to a week, it can become an impossible task!  Make sure your curtains are closed after dark and a clean litter tray available.  If you need to go out, leave a light on and a radio for background music can also help nervous cats.

If your cats are scared by the loud bangs and hide away, you could try giving a few drops of Bach’s Rescue Remedy, which is widely available at supermarkets and chemists.  Just pop some on a nice tasty piece of ham or drop into their food bowl.  The results are normally very quick and they should become more relaxed.

The pet alternative, which can be bought at your local vets, is Feliway, a plug-in diffuser or spray which helps cats cope with stressful situations and is also useful in multi-cat households to assist with behavioural issues or if you are moving home.

Enjoy bonfire night but remember it can be a very stressful time for our pets and where possible only celebrate on the actual night to minimise prolonged upset to our furry friends.