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Weekly Lottery
Players pay £1 a week to have a chance of winning one of 100 prizes, including a weekly jackpot of £1,000 and Super Draws up to a £10,000 jackpot. This is a fun way of helping to raise funds for Cats & Kittens. When signing up please remember to select 'I would like my payments to go towards the cats and kittens at a branch or adoption centre of my choice' and choose to support 'East Neuk of Fife Branch' as this will ensure 100% of your lottery fee will go directly to support our branch.

Click to join: play the cat lottery

Cat Sponsorship 

Why not make a cat lover’s day by gifting them Cats Protection Sponsorship? Cats Protection Sponsorship is a truly rewarding gift, offering a wonderful way for the cat lover in your life to help vulnerable cats and kittens. It is a perfect gift for adults and children. Your friend or relative will receive their very own welcome pack including a personalised certificate, a photo introducing them to the lovely cat they're currently caring along with a photo album to collect all future photos that we will send them of the cats in their pen. They will also receive newsletters and emails showing stories of all the wonderful cats they're helping along the way.

Please click cat sponsorship to become a cat sponsor today and choose to support East Neuk of Fife Branch to ensure that 100% of your sponsorship will go directly to support our branch. Thank you.

Amazon Wish List
We have set up an Amazon Wish List for anyone who would like to support us by buying a gift for the cats and kittens in our care. Items requested include: cat food, cat toys and cat litter.

You can purchase gifts by clicking on this link: East Neuk of Fife Branch Amazon Wish List
Items will be delivered directly to the branch. Thank you so much.

Giveacar is the UK’s first charity car donation service. They aim to give you a simple, efficient and friendly way to turn an old banger into a good deed for charity. Cats Protection has been partnered with Giveacar from the beginning of the year and is impressed with their professionalism and excellent customer service. Cats Protection has already raised a significant amount which will help us to continue our work in rehoming, neutering and education.

If you would like to donate a car to support your local Cats Protection Branch please click here

*Please inform Giveacar if you would like the funds raised to go to East Neuk of Fife Branch*

As always, any donations are gratefully received
You can donate to the branch online by clicking the donate bucket at the top of the page. You can also join our Facebook page and find out all our latest news. Visit and do your bit for the planet and cats protection. If enough people pledge to recycle their pet food cans (dog food too) the nice people at Purina will donate £10,000! Don’t forget you can change your search engine on your computer to everyclick and money is donated to your favourite charity (hopefully us) at no cost to you each time you search the web.

If you ever use directory enquiries, 118 515 donate 9p per call to us, another little way to help, and taxpayers who tick the gift aid box when donating earn us an extra 28p. It's free for you and worth an extra foil tray of cat food to us We would also love to see you at the events we attend throughout the year, (see news page) please come and say hello and browse the many things we sell Finally, you can donate your time and become a volunteer with us

Please visit our Volunteering page today for more details.