What we do

Black and white catOur branch was founded in 2003 and is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers who work very hard in their spare time caring for unwanted cats and kittens.

Our fosterers care for the cats in purpose built catteries within their homes and gardens. We do not have a central adoption centre.

Our policy is never to put a healthy cat to sleep. There is always a suitable home for every cat. We just have to wait for the right person to come along.

Our aim is to place the right cat or kitten with the right owner. To try and ensure this we carry out home visits before rehoming where we can discuss lifestyle, working hours, pets, children, etc with you. We will not normally rehome a cat as an indoor pet unless the cat has a disability or medical reason which makes this necessary.

As we cover a large rural area it is of great help to us if owners of cats coming in for rehoming can arrange to transport them to our foster carers.

Uncontrolled feral colonies can be a problem and will multiply very quickly. We may be able to help with neutering of ferals providing they can be returned to site and their welfare is ensured in terms of daily feeding and vet treatment. Once neutered these cats make valuable additions to farms and stable yards controlling vermin.
Pictured a much loved feral (now friendly) stable cat.