What we do

Formed in 1927, Cats Protection has grown to become the UK's leading feline welfare charity. We now care for and find new homes for around 60,000 cats and kittens every year, through our network of 29 adoption centres and 260 voluntary-run branches. The Fareham Districts branch is a relative newcomer but we are nevertheless doing our best to make our mark with fundraising, events organising and of course the all-important processes of trapping, neutering and rehoming!

It is our mission to help unwanted and abandoned felines, rehabilitating and rehoming them where possible; we also seek to alleviate the problem of unwanted cats, by offering information and advice about responsible cat ownership and heavily promoting neutering to reduce the feral cat population, risk of viruses spreading, injuries due to territorial fights and all of the many other issues that occur as a result of a saturated feral population.

Members of are branch make themselves available to provide talks on our organisation, cat welfare and how we can help in the community. We break the talk down into several parts, each handled by the volunteer that manages that particular area:

  • The history of Cats Protection
  • Rehoming work
  • Cat welfare
  • Trapping, neutering and returning ferals

For more information or to book an informational talk, please contact us here or email enquiries@fareham.cats.org.uk

If you wish to download cat care leaflets, please visit the main Cats Protection site here.