Advice if you have lost or found a cat

The disappearance of a much loved pet is very traumatic for everyone concerned and we will do our very best to help. We keep an updated list of lost and found cats and kittens so if you are unfortunate and have lost or have found a cat (they usually find you!), please contact us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to unite owners with their cat or kitten.

Cats are very curious so for your lost cat have you made sure you have checked:
all rooms, cupboards and boxes. Under beds are great hiding places!
your washing machine, tumble dryer and even your dishwasher.
your garden, shed, garage and hedgerows.

What do I do next?

First of all don’t panic! You need to inform as many people as possible and there are several ways to do that:
Have you had visitors or workmen in?
Does your cat get into your car?
Check the lost and found sections in your local paper.
Talk to neighbours
Contact the local radio station and asked them to make an announcement
Talk to your postman, milkman etc
Put flyers through letter boxes
Put posters in the local vets, shops
If you have school children ask them to speak to their friends
Telephone local veterinary surgeries
If your cat is microchipped inform the company who holds your contact details, also inform your vet and any other local veterinary practices
If your cat is insured, the insurance company may contribute towards the costs of posters etc.

Who else can I contact?

Petsearch –
Animal Rescuers –
A missing Pet –
Regional Lost & Found registers are on this page –
So You Have Lost Your Cat –
Lost & Found Cats –
We also recommend using the service offered by Animal Search UK – You can list your cat’s details, upload a photograph and it is all FREE.

When reporting a lost or found cat please have the following details to hand:
Your name, address, postcode and telephone number (for our records only)
Picture of lost cat if available
Your cat’s name
Any distinguishing features, colour, age, sex, fur type, breed if pedigree, microchipped, neutered, etc
Date cat was lost or found

Please remember that the earlier you report your missing pet the better our chances of finding him or her again.
If you have found a cat, and you have made sure as best you can that the cat has no owner (e.g. posters, asking neighbours, checking for a collar, etc.), call us on 01252 334 644. Please also report the found cat on Animal Search UK