Success Story

 can't remember a time in my life when I didn't have a cat (or a few cats) to love and be loved by.  We lost our 18 year old cat, Billy, in 2012.  A few months passed and we started to get ready to welcome another feline into our family.  It was always going to be a 'rescue cat' from Cats Protection that we chose so an Internet search for phone numbers was undertaken.  Marie at the Forfar branch was the second number on the list. She said she had a little black boy kitten and two girls (tabby and white) available for homing soon. We went for a visit and fell in love with Memphis (Banjo at the time) who had been found at the side of a road and rescued a few weeks earlier.  He had a certain 'air' about him, a 'swagger' - we knew he was the one for us!Memphis
A few days later, Marie brought him to our home where he had his own room for a few days to eat and sleep in until he got used to the new sounds and smells of our house.  He was very playful and settled into his surroundings in a few days.  We took him around the house and introduced him to Reuben, our Labrador, who was quite used to having a cat around so they made friends almost straight away.  Reuben's tail was a great source of amusement for Memphis!!  
Memphis has never liked being held for too long and he doesn't sit on laps for longer than a minute but that's okay with us.  We make a point in handling him as much as we can and he is getting better at being affectionate.  He cuddles (headbumps) if you get down to his level on the floor and he winds himself around legs and 'talks' to us.  
He also has what we call 'Teddy-Mummies' - one large very soft teddy on the sofa and one upstairs on our bed which he pads and prods like he would have done to his Mum when he was a kitten -  he looks like he is meditating and this is a thrice-daily ritual that he goes through.
We are blessed to have a fairly large garden and live in a quiet cul-de-sac so, after Memphis had been neutered, we started introducing him to the outdoors with supervised visits outside and training him to come to the door when we shook his treats and, of course, giving him treats when he came!  He now spends a lot of time outdoors but comes back at regular intervals to check-in with us! He has also made great friends with a lovely girl cat who lives a couple of doors away so they play together all the time.  We have also made a point of always bringing him in before dark so he spends the nights inside - he doesn't complain so he must be okay with the arrangement!
It has been a wonderful experience getting to know Memphis and we have such fun playing with him both when he was a kitten and now.  He still likes to run along the back of the sofa, dive down behind it and jump out at you where you least expect! We like to watch him in the garden pouncing on flying insects and hiding in the long grass.  He has always liked lying in the upstairs bathroom sink and catching drips from the tap!
Each cat is an individual and I do believe it is important to have a meeting before you commit to taking one home to make sure you are right for the cat and they are right for you.