Furr-ever Friends

Tales of friendship between children and cats.

Winner - Salem

Brave Jared Bignold,15, faces a daily battle with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a severe muscle wasting condition causing progressive mobility limitations. Yet with his constant companion Salem at his side, it’s a battle Jared never has to face alone. Mum Verity explained: “Salem is always with Jared and provides a huge amount of comfort, affection and entertainment.”


Ten-year-old Graham Hudson has severe learning difficulties, making it difficult for him to communicate his feelings and form friendships. Fortunately, he has a best friend in the form of Lucky, the family’s four-year-old cat. Stepdad James explained: “Not only does Graham have someone to cuddle, chat to and play with, he also learns life skills by helping look after her.”


Following the death of their dad from an aggressive form of cancer, brothers Luca, 11, and Herbie, seven, were left devastated and struggled to cope. Hope came in the form of ginger kitten Honey, who once again filled the house with fun and joy. Mum Clara said: “She’s helping my boys mend their hearts and we think she’s a one-in-a-million.”