Hero Cat

Cats that save the day.

Winner - Toby

Annette Sterland-Burton suffers from functional neurological disorder, which causes memory and mobility problems as well as debilitating seizures. Yet thanks to intuitive Toby, who senses when Annette is about to suffer a blackout, Annette is able to prepare herself and son Kieran, nine. Annette said: “He’ll start pawing me and meowing very loudly, and we know it’s time to call for help.”

Prince Ozzy

Deep in sleep, Sharon Kane was oblivious to the danger around her as deadly smoke from a fire at a neighbouring property filled her home. But thanks to six-year-old Prince Ozzy, who persistently batted her face with his paw, Sharon was woken in time to avoid serious injury. Sharon said: “He was so persistent, and just kept batting me with his paw.”