Most Caring Cat

Cats that have a positive impact on an owner’s health or wellbeing.

Winner - Arthur

Suffering with serious mental health issues, Emily Hatton has spent much of the past eight years receiving care at specialist hospitals. But September 2017 brought a major turning point, when she welcomed kitten Arthur into her life. Having Arthur has helped the 24-year-old adjust to everyday life and live independently for the longest period in her adult life.


The tragic loss of her grandmother was the beginning of a terrible few months for Nicola Hamblett, during which she lost five other relatives and friends. Sinking into depression and developing alopecia, Nicola’s lifeline came with the arrival of Awol, who turned up on her doorstep and refused to leave. Nicola said: “He gives me a reason to smile and to cope.”


Dr Richard Thomas’ life was turned upside down after he was diagnosed with throat cancer and developed a debilitating illness requiring complex brain surgery. Believing it would help his recovery, Richard’s family found Ted in a rescue centre and the pair quickly formed a bond. Providing company, comfort and amusement, Ted has been by Richard’s side during the most difficult of times.