Purina Better Together

Celebrating the special bond that has transformed and enriched the lives of both a feline and human.
Winner - Theo

Seriously ill with cat flu as a tiny kitten, Theo was not expected to survive. But with round-the-clock care from Charlotte Dixon, the plucky puss pulled through. Several years later, Theo came to Charlotte’s aid, preventing her from falling asleep while a potentially deadly blood clot worked its way through her body. Charlotte then went to hospital where she made a full recovery.


Nana is a constant source of comfort and support for Mary Nesbitt-Larking, who was born with a rare form of brain damage which affects many aspects of her life. And the pair’s close bond is now helping Nana cope with losing her sight due to an incurable eye disease. Mary says: “I’ll be making sure she gets all the TLC she needs, just as she does for me.”


When Claire Daly heard about a stray handed into a vet with horrific injuries from a car accident, she didn’t hesitate to offer him a home. Nursing him back to health, Stubbsy soon became a much-loved member of the family.  And when Claire herself was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2015, Stubbsy was there for her with non-stop cuddles, entertainment and company.