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Grief support

27 June 2016
Grief support
You don't have to cope with the loss of your cat alone.

Whether you are facing the heartbreak of your cat passing away, want help with difficult issues like euthanasia, a cat who has gone missing or need someone to talk to about your loss: we are here for you.

Cats Protection understands just how much your cat means to you and what you may be going through if your pet is missing, had to be rehomed, nearing the end of their life or they have recently passed away. We have produced a range of resources, information and support to help you at this very difficult time. You may also wish to look at the ways we can help you celebrate the life of your cat.

These can be found at:http://bit.ly/28OymUW


Your cat will always have a special place in your heart but, when the time is right, you may also wish to find a fitting way to celebrate their life and memory. 

The Cats Protection Memory Wall is a special place where you can share a photo of your much loved cat and a few special words about them. By adding your 'memory', you'll join a growing comminity of people who wish to remember their cats in this personal and lasting way. 

Visit the Memory Wall

Please feel free to share advice or post on our memory wall while visiting the site.