Caring for feral cats

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What are feral cats?

The term 'feral' refers to members of a domesticated species, living as wild animals. While you might mistake feral cats for strays, ferals are likely to be extremely fearful of people and not suitable as pets.

Despite their nature, feral cats still need a level of care. If you notice a feral colony in your area, you might want to keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe and well. Be careful not to approach them directly - they might be nervous of human contact.

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Trap, neuter and return

Neutering has health benefits and keeps the cat population under control. Using humane traps, animal welfare organisations will capture ferals and neuter them before returning them to the colony.


Keeping an eye on the feral colony is important - any unneutered, sick or injured cats can be trapped and taken to a vet. While feral cats are resourceful in finding their food, you might want to feed them in the winter when food is scarce.

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