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Anxious cat? Read about the benefits of pheromones in our guide.

The calming power of pheromones

Is your cat feeling stressed or insecure? During times of stress you can use a synthetic pheromone to reassure your cat and help them feel calm.

What is pheromone therapy?

Your cat leaves behind pheromones when they rub their face on surfaces in your home. You can use a synthetic form of these pheromones to make your cat feel more secure during times of stress. See below for more information on Feliway.

Alternatively you can use a clean cotton cloth or glove to gently rub your cat's cheeks to collect the pheromone, and then rub this on cat-height surfaces so they smell familiar.

You will need to keep the pheromone topped up until your cat begins rubbing their cheeks on surfaces or shows relaxed behaviour.

Feliway and pheromone therapy can be helpful for stressed cats, but it's essential that you determine the cause of your cat's stress and deal with any underlying issues. If your cat has behavioural issues, ask your vet to recommend a qualified behaviourist, such as a member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.


Feliway is the brand name of a synthetic feline pheromone. You can buy Feliway as a spray or a plug-in diffuser that slowly releases the pheromone over time. Feliway does not have a scent that humans can detect.
You can buy Feliway from your vet or various retailers.

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