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Worried about your cat's inappropriate toileting? Find out more on how to cope with your cat's soiling in our guide.

Why does my cat toilet in the house?

Inappropriate toileting can occur for many different reasons. If your cat is toileting away from the litter tray, or soiling furniture in your house, you might be concerned about what to do next. The first thing to remember is that your cat isn't being naughty - there is usually a reason for their behaviour.

The importance of a litter tray

If you haven't got a litter tray in the house, it's important to make sure you put one in - even if your cat has outside access.

Some cats feel safer using a tray in the house, especially if there is a neighbourhood cat that intimidates them. Toileting is a very vunerable activity for cats and they'll always try to choose a quiet, private location for this. If your cat is upset by an incident outside, or near to their litter tray, they may instead find a quiet corner indoors to pass their waste.

Putting the litter tray in the correct place is important too - if the tray is positioned out in the open, the cat might feel too vunerable to use it and will seek a safer spot instead.

Your cat's perfect loo

Your cat's perfect loo infographic

Don't punish your cat for inappropriate toileting

While it is often frustrating for your cat to be soiling your house and furniture, it is important to remember that you should never punish your cat. They are toileting because they feel anxious - punishing them may make them more stressed and more likely to soil in the house.

The best thing to do is to take your cat to the vet for a routine health check, to ensure everything is ok. If your cat is still toileting outside of its litter tray, talk to your vet about being referred to a behaviourist, who may be able to help with managing your cat's behaviour.

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