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Looking for the facts on cats and babies and keeping them safe?

Keeping babies and cats content

Some people mistakenly think they should give up their cat when expecting a baby. In fact, in a survey by Cats Protection in 2018, 54% of expectant parents had concerns but only 30% of those sought advice. If you're worried about your new arrival sharing your household with your cat, take a look at some of our top tips in our video.

Our behaviourist, Daniel, gives advice on how to keep your cat and baby safe around each other.

Will my cat be a danger to my baby?

Your cat will inherently not be a danger to your baby. If you prepare everything in advance and set your cat up to succeed by preparing them for the arrival of the baby, there shouldn't be an issue.

Cat as a species, given the opportunity, will choose to move away from a situation rather than escalate it by fighting. However, both cats and children are living things and there is always going to be an element of unpredictability. It is vitally important that you supervise any interactions between your baby and cat.

Should the nursery be out of bounds for my cat?

Absolutely. It is a good idea to do this sooner rather than later. As soon as you've dedicated a room for the nursery, make sure it is off limits to the cat, so the cat can get used to the fact that it can't go into somewhere it previously had access to.

How can I keep my baby safe around my cat?

The most important thing you can do to keep your baby safe around the cat is to always supervise. Particularly when the baby gets a little bigger and is beginning to crawl around a bit more. That's often when cats can struggle and become more fearful, because of the added element of not just the noise but the movement!

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