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Wondering what types of cat food is suitable for your cat? Read our expert diet guide on what to feed your cat.

Complete or complementary food?

As we discussed in the Diet guide here, your cat needs a balanced diet that is rich in meat proteins.

Complete cat foods provide everything your cat needs. By choosing a good quality complete cat food from a reputable brand, your cat should get all the nutrients they need.

Complementary cat foods are treats that can be given occasionally. If you give your cat food treats, include them as part of your cat's daily ration so that they don't gain weight.

Wet or dry food?

Dry cat foods can be a practical choice because they can be left out all day, or placed inside a feeding ball to keep your cat entertained. Dry food can help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, if your cat has a medical condition and requires extra water (such as urinary problems), your vet may recommend only feeding wet food.

Wet food may be more appealing to fussy cats.


Want to give your cat a treat? Why not spend some time playing with them, or giving them extra attention? This can strengthen your bond with your cat and help prevent them from becoming obese.

If you do give your cat a food treat, make sure you limit the amount you give so your cat doesn't gain weight.

Cat food treats are best, although a little bit of well-cooked fresh chicken or fish is okay.

Liver can make your cat sick if given too frequently. Don't give your cat liver more than once a week.

Special diets

Special foods are available for cats with additional dietary needs, such as:

  • kitten
  • senior
  • indoor
  • sensitive
  • low calorie

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