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Training your cat or kitten to use a cat flap? Find out more in our guide.

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If you're a cat owner, it's likely that you might live in a home with a cat flap. The ideal way to let your cat come and go as they please, there are various types to suit different cats. Some cat flaps are triggered by a microchip, preventing cats that don't live in the home from venturing in there, while other cat flaps have in-built infra-red locking systems. Whatever your choice, you'll want to make sure you have one - if only to prevent you getting up every five minutes to let your cat in and out!

Not sure how to train a cat to use a cat flap? We're here to help. Our video is packed with helpful advice on how to train your cat to use your cat flap.

Cat flap training

If you've got a kitten and it needs access to the outdoors, cat flaps are useful. Kittens usually learn how to use a cat flap relatively quickly, although there are a few things you can do to help.

  • Start training them by holding the door open and luring them near the cat flap with treats
  • Give them the treats, little and often, to reward their progress while training
  • Hold the treat the other side of the cat flap and call their name to encourage them to go go through
  • Repeat the process until they go through the cat flap quite happily in both directions

Gradually, your kitten will learn to use some force when going through the cat flap and by giving them some encouragement and praise, they'll soon be able to use it properly.

Using the cat flap as an escape

For many cats, the cat flap is a great method of escape from stressful situations that might be happening in your home. There are occasions that a cat might need personal space and the ability to escape from a situation they might perceive as a threat. For example, a conflict with another cat in the home, or having unfamiliar visitors in the house. Microchip or magnetic cat flaps can provide your cat with security so that neighbouring cats do not enter your home.

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