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Looking for the purrfect cat bed? Find out more about the Hide & Sleep® – designed with cats in mind.

If you’ve recently adopted a cat or kitten, you might be making your way through our list of cat essentials to prepare for your new arrival. Or perhaps you’re seeking a cosy cat bed for your older cat to snooze in? While a comfortable bed is a must-have for your moggy, the specially designed Hide & Sleep® offers much more than just a space for a nap.

Did you know providing a private place to hide is scientifically proven to help cats and kittens feel safe and secure in their surroundings? Ensuring they have a place to retreat to can even help reduce stress.

It’s because of this that Cats Protection developed the Hide & Sleep®, a multifunctional product that can be used by your cat every day.

Its innovative design features a hiding place and sleeping area, as well as somewhere for your cat to get up high.

Cats enjoy the choice that the three-dimensional space offers them, enabling them to view their surroundings from a higher level and feel safer as a result.

Find out more about why your cat likes to hide

Hide & Sleep® features

  • A cosy space to sleep in upper and lower area
  • Two entry and exit holes – a must for cats that get nervous about their space
  • Small hole for a heat-pad cable if you’d like to make it more snug
  • Easy to see a hiding cat

What are the benefits of the Hide & Sleep®?

  • Helps your cat feel safe and secure
  • Reduces stress
  • Provides a place for your cat to be up high
  • Provides a hiding place
  • The Hide & Sleep®, part of the Feline Fort®, has won an International Cat Care Cat Friendly Award, which recognises products which have made a real difference to cat wellbeing and welfare.

What is the Hide & Sleep® made from?

The Hide & Sleep® is made from a premium UV-stabilised polyethylene, making it highly durable. It will not crack or discolour, will stand up to most cleaning products and is very easy to clean.

It looks great too, with a standard mottled grey colour and timeless design that will fit in perfectly in your home.

  • Dimensions - (L) 415mm x (W) 320mm x (H) 385mm
  • Weight - 3.5kg
  • £49.99 - Retail price (inc VAT) excludes delivery

How can I order the Hide & Sleep® for my cat?

To purchase the Hide & Sleep®, head to our online shop, where you’ll find a range of great accessories as part of our Cat Care Collection.

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For further information and enquiries about ordering the Hide & Sleep®, please contact

If your order is for three or more Hide & Sleep® units, or five full Feline Fort®, or you are a registered animal charity, please contact our supplier directly to make your order by emailing

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