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It is important for your cat to have somewhere to hide in your home - it improves their behaviour and health too. Find out more about the importance of cats hiding in our guide.

A place to retreat

If your cat feels worried or stressed, it's important that they have somewhere to hide away to make them feel safe and where they won't be disturbed. Some cats also like to get up to a high spot to escape the rigours of everyday life.

Somewhere to hide

It's really important to give your cat a place to hide away from the world. It helps to make them feel safe and secure.

There are many things that can make a cat feel anxious or fearful, such as fireworks, building work in the house, strangers or conflict with other cats. When introducing a new cat to the household, make sure they have a tucked-away place to escape to.

A hiding place can be something as simple as a cardboard box on its side, an igloo style cat bed, a space under the bed, or in a wardrobe with the door left ajar.

Make sure that your family and visitors know that your cat must be left alone and not disturbed when they are in their hiding spot

Find out more about keeping cats safe during building works

Somewhere to get up high

Cats also feel safer if they can get up high to see their surroundings. It's another way that your cat deals with situations that make them feel stressed or afraid. Shelves, tops of wardrobes and window sills all make a great viewing spot for cats and can be made even better with a cosy blanket!

But don't forget the elderly - if your cat finds it difficult getting up high, try to make sure they have an easy route up to their favourite spot. A carefully placed stool or box for them to climb on to will make the ascent much easier.

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