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Find out more about three of the most vital aspects of cat care - neutering, vaccinations and microchipping

Five important things

  • Kittens can be neutered from around four months or younger - although a cat can be neutered at any age
  • Neutering is essential to prevent unwanted kittens - all adult cats from Cats Protection will have been neutered prior to being rehomed
  • Unneutered males are more likely to become injured, may experience higher levels of stress and may stray far from home
  • Microchipping is a safe and permanent method of identification, increasing the chance of your lost cat being reunited with you
  • Kittens should be vaccinated at around eight to nine weeks, with a second dose at 12 weeks. Your cat should also receive regular booster vaccinations throughout its life

The big three - vaccinating, microchipping and neutering

Vaccinating your cat against infectious diseases, as well as microchipping and neutering your cat are some of the most important aspects of cat care. While most adult felines adopted from Cats Protection will have had all three, you'll need to make sure your kitten has had all necessary treatments.


Neutering your cat is a simple operation, with many health benefits. Essential for preventing unwanted kittens and reducing the spread of disease, it is advised that owners neuter their cat from four months of age or younger.

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Microchipping is the safest and simplest way of permanently identifying your cat. The chip carries a unique ID number, allowing the cat to be traced back to you should they stray and be scanned. Keep your details updated when you move house to ensure a speedy and safe reunion.

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Kittens and adult cats should be vaccinated to help them stay healthy. They'll need the first vaccine at around eight to nine weeks, with a booster dose at 12 weeks. Your cat will need regular vaccinations throughout their life to help keep them protected against disease.

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