The adoption Process

The Adoption Process

The Adoption Process                                                              
Your initial enquiry will result in a call from us to find out more
about you, your family and the sort of cat you would like to adopt.
  Every cat is individual and we try our best to achieve the perfect match each time.                
Not every cat may suit your specific environment.
 Due to corona virus, the proceedure that we follow is noted on our adoption page

If you choose to adopt a cat, then there will be a few simple steps, formalities and arrangements to make before the cat joins you in your home. We will complete some adoption forms and explain how the microchip registration will be recorded in your name and that as part of the adoption process, four weeks free pet insurance with Petplan will be provided.

If you are in rented accomodation, a letter is required from your landlord or housing association giving permission for you to keep a cat at the property. It must also state how many animals are allowed at the property. We cannot home a cat before we have this.

Homes on or near a busy road might have an age recommendation

We prefer to home kittens in pairs if members of the household are out at work all day. 

We can only home FIV+ cats as indoor cats.