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The true cost of bringing a Cat into your home

It's Kitten Season!

Everywhere you look there are tiny bundles of fluff queueing up for a good home. But are you ready for the responsible and the cost of that little life. Before you take on a kitten, let's break down the potential costs involved in keeping a Cat over its lifetime?
Remember this could be a 15 - 20 year commitment.

Initial cost - Any kitten adopted through Cats Protection will be vet checked, micro chipped, neutered (or issued with a voucher), wormed, de-flead and come with a 4 week comprehensive Pet plan insurance. Our fee for a kitten under 9 months is £65. That is a very reasonable price, if you get a new kitten from a private individual expect Vets bills of over £100 initially to cover the above. Plus your cat will need some ongoing treatments and vaccinations.

Vets Bills - Over the course of your cats life you may need to visit your Vet many times. Heaven forbid your cat is ever ill or injured. Vets bills can be high, and this needs to be taken into account. It is advised that you take out pet insurance for your pets. For a cat, this starts at around £5.00 a month.

Food - The price of different Cat foods can vary immensely, but you are looking at approx £400 a year just to feed your cat.

Cattery / Cat Sitters - Do you enjoy weekends away and two week long holidays in the sun. Bear in mind that a Cattery will cost you on average £10.00 a day.

Cat Litter - Again prices vary, but expect to pay between £50 and £150 a year, just for its litter tray.

Then of course there are toys, treats, beds, scratching posts the list goes on. So what is the true cost of owning a cat over its lifetime. A recent study shows its approx £17,000.

We want good people to care for our cats, but please think carefully before committing to a Cat or Kitten. This is a long term, costly commitment.