Our Summer Kitten Story

Back in June we took in a cat and three kittens. Mum was poorly and had very little milk. The decision was made to leave the largest healthy kitten Blue of good weight with mum and to hand feed the two small kittens Cobweb and Lottie round the clock.

Our Coordinator and Welfare Officer set about hand feeding whilst one of our fosterers took on Mum and Blue in the hope being well fed would help them all.

Lottie and Cobweb were very reluctant to feed taking in only tiny amounts and having to be woken regularly to feed. They gained tiny amounts daily and feeding continued to be a struggle. Mum and Blue were eating well and doing alright.

These weren't the only hand reared kittens in branch as another set came into care also. The branch became very busy.

Cobweb developed aspiration pneumonia due to milk ingestion and had to be treated with antibiotics. Slowly she started to recover from this and improved. Then fosterers spotted fur loss starting to occur in all the kittens and mum.
Tests commenced for ringworm and a treatment programme began. The branch went into temporary shutdown. For those that don't know ringworm is a fungal infection not caused by a worm and extremely contagious.

As time went on Lottie (white kitten) started to struggle more and became very poorly going into decline. She lost lots of weight and it was discovered her bowel and opening had some abnormalities so she was sadly pts.

Cats Protection arranged for some of the ones affected to go into isolation units in Derby and Norfolk which was heartbreaking but they felt it would be necessary to get a hold of the infection. One fosterer had to shutdown for several weeks, her pen once reopened would be restricted to cats only for 2 years and to certain criteria.

This restricted our ability to help. Our volunteers also were affected by ringworm with many having lesions. At present the branch has 3 fosterers, 1 pen was closed, 1 fosterer was dealing with one ringworm kitten in her emergency room and her pen was an isolation case to confirm there had been no spread. That left 1 fosterer to juggle the multiple requests for space so as a branch we've not been able to help much with the hectic kitten season.

Cobweb plodded on for a while, sleeping and eating small amounts. She got to a certain weight point then she slowly began to change, ringworm tests were then negative and she started to play. She went from strength to strength and blossomed into this wonderful quirky, beautiful character that everyone has fallen in love with. It didn't take much to find her a perfect home and we are sure our Coordinator and her family will be sad to see her go.

She has moved heaven and earth to get this kitten to where she is now and this explains fully as fosterers why we love doing this. It is contagious, perhaps more so than ringworm!

As a branch we are set to expand further and have 2 more fosterers joining us and hope this will take our branch further allowing us to help with many more cats and kittens.

Thank you so much to Sleaford and Grimsby branch and other rescues who have helped within our area whilst we were going through this ordeal.