TNR ( Trapping ) Team

A pair of feral cats, left unchecked, can be responsible for 20,000 cats during their lifetime. As a group, we run a Trap, Neuter and Return ( TNR ) policy for feral colonies. This controls the number of cats within the colony, and allows the cats to continue their lives in the environment they call home.

As part of the trapping team, you would work with the Colonies Officer and Highland Tiger Project. With the landowners full agreement and co-operation, you will trap cats within these colonies, transport them to and from a local vet, releasing them after being fully tested, ear tipped and neutered.

You will receive full training, Kevlar gloves, and can claim reasonable expenses and mileage. The group has a large stock of traps, cages and associated equipment for this work.

Please call our helpline on 01467-625695, or email if you would like further details