Grief Support

We're always here to support you

As much as we all love sharing good news about all our wonderful cats, sadly there are times when some stories just don’t have a happy ending. It’s certainly true to say that over the years we’ve shed our fair share of tears here at the Centre. We always try and do our best for our cats; and we know that you do too – but sometimes fate just deals a cruel blow.

All of our team understand just how much your cat means to you and what you may be going through. Whether you are facing the heartbreak of your cat’s death, facing difficult issues like euthanasia, or have a cat who has gone missing – Cats Protection is here for you.

If you need to talk about any cat you’ve adopted from our Centre, do give us a call on 03000 120 251. We’ll always do what we can to help. 

You may also find it helpful to call our Cats Protection ‘Paws to Listen’ service. Our trained volunteer listeners are on hand to lend an ear and offer support to any cat owner, wherever you are.

For more information on how Cats Protection can help you, please do visit our
 Paws to Listen Service