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How to prepare your cat with baby sounds

grey catThe arrival of a new baby in the home can be stressful for your cat but there are several ways you can prepare them for this big change to their surroundings. One important step is to get them used to the noises your new baby will make, mainly loud crying.

Before your baby arrives, introduce your cat to baby-crying noises in a safe and controlled way. To help you, we’ve created a free download of crying sounds which you can find below and put together some easy instructions for how to use it.


1) At a time when nothing else stressful is going on in the home, choose a room that the cat is naturally relaxed in.

2) Find a device on which you can play the crying audio.
Test the sound volume when the cat is not in the room, so as not to spook them.
Set the volume to a very low level so that it is barely audible.

3) When the cat chooses to enter the room, start playing the audio at the original, low volume for approximately two minutes – this may need to be shortened depending on your cat’s reaction. You can interact with your cat as normal at this time but don’t do anything that will make them stressed.

4) If the cat does not appear fazed by the noise, repeat steps 1-3 at the same volume level on two more separate occasions. If the cat remains unfazed by the noise, you can then progress to step five.

5) Increase the volume by a small amount and repeat steps 1-4. If your cat is happy with the volume then slightly increase it again and continue this process over time until the volume is as loud as a normal baby’s cry.

Remember, if at any stage your cat looks uncomfortable or fearful, return to a lower volume.

Never make a sudden jump in volume as this could spook your cat – it needs to be gradual for it to work.

The entire point of this exercise is for your cat to have no reaction to the sound, so don’t panic if you don’t see your cat react – this is what is supposed to happen. If you increase the volume gradually over time, hopefully you’ll never see a reaction!

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