Welcome to our website for the Lancaster & Morecambe branch of Cats Protection.

The Lancaster & Morecambe Branch of Cats Protection (The UK's leading feline welfare charity) was formed in July 2006 to help homeless cats and kittens in our area, to provide a 'lost and found' service, and assist owners by supplying neutering vouchers.

Our branch operates thanks to the team of dedicated volunteers who offer their free time to serve cats within our community, and the generosity of our supporters. 

Operating for over a decade, we have found caring new home for countless needy cats and kittens, and our work continues- from fostering cats in our own homes, through hand rearing vulnerable kittens, neutering feral cats, helps with emergencies, neutering programs, to running sponsorship programs for needy cats, and help reuniting lost and found cats with their families.  

We are grateful for the kind support of the public, and the generosity of the donations that aid our work.