Feral and semi-feral cats and kittens

We are able to trap, neuter and return to site (TNR) feral cats and kittens.  Trapping can be a demanding role and we are always looking for volunteers to assist in this really necessary work. 

Occasionally, we are unable to return the cats to the site that they knew as ‘home’.  In these cases, we need to find suitable outside homes for the cats.  Ideal homes will be those such as livery stables or other farm buildings where there would be plenty of mice for them to catch, but they would be equally happy coming and going from a back garden shed.  They will be no trouble to look after; they just need somewhere to shelter from the elements and to be fed each day.

If you are willing and able to provide homes for our feral cats, or know of any suitable homes, please get in touch via our helpline: 0333 567 4746 or email adoption@leavalley.cats.org.uk.

We do sometimes try to ‘socialise’ semi-feral or 'timid' kittens, but this is not always successful and can be stressful for them.  Where successful, we will find new homes for the socialised cats; where unsuccessful, we need to find suitable outdoor homes for them just as we do for ferals.

We can lend traps to members of the public who want to trap feral cats or stray cats where the temperament is not known.  To borrow a trap, please call our helpline: 0333 567 4746 or email enquiries@leavalley.cats.org.uk.