FIV Explained

Background FIV information

FIV is a viral infection of cats. 

FIV is characterised by a long incubation period so cats which are infected can remain healthy for long periods of time before clinical disease is seen. Ultimately, it can lead to a variety of signs, including deficiency of the immune system, anaemia and tumours.

The main route of transmission of FIV is thought to be through fighting, biting and during mating. Infection from a mother to her kittens can occur, but not all kittens born to an FIV positive mother will be infected; in fact. the majority are uninfected.
Currently there isn’t a vaccine available to protect against FIV in the UK. The vast majority of cats with FIV live long lives provided they are well cared for recieving a proper diet and routine vets checks.

For more information on FIV please refer to Cats Protection leaflet:
Cats Protection Veterinary Guide: Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) - availble from this branch