If you own a cat or kitten that needs neutering please contact us, we can help.


Currently, we are able to offer assisted neutering for peolpe on benefits, low incomes, pensioners or students.
For a female cat we will pay £26 and for a male cat we will pay £20, in exceptional circumstances and multi-cat households we may be able to offer further help. Assistance is provided in the form of a part-payment voucher which is sent directly to your vets. You will need to pay the remainder of the balance to the vets.

We are a charity, we are unable to offer free neutering and do not help with the cost of other veterinary care (including vaccinations and microchipping).

Please email or telephone us with the following information:

Cats name, age and gender
Your name, address and phone number
The name of the vets you want use

Vets within our area that accept Cats Protection neutering vouchers are -

Noah's Ark, High St South, Dunstable
Companion Care (Pets at Home) White Lion Retail Park, Dunstable
Icknield Veterinary Group
David Norman, Biscot Road, Luton
Studley Road, Luton
Ark House, Leighton Buzzard
Harding & Michael Ng, Leighton Buzzard
Heath & Reach, Leighton Buzzard 
Companion Care Leighton Buzzard
Vets 4 Pets, Luton
EasyPet Care, Laporte Way, Luton

The benefits of neutering are huge -

Neutered cats are less likely to get injured or sick, saving you money in the long term.
There are too many unwanted cats in the UK, we don’t need more.
Please be a responsible pet owner. Neutering reduces a cats likelihood to roam, fight, spray and otherwise be a nuisance.
Improved Health - neutered cats are generally healthier overall than those who are un-neutered and live longer.

Did you know

1 un-neutered female cat in 5 years can have 20,000 desendents?This leads to unwanted kittens, which leads to unwanted strays with a life that offers only misery, hunger and disease.

Neutering promotes a more satisfactory and enjoyable pet. A neutered male will be much less inclined to spray about the house and leave an unpleasant smell. He should also be less likely to wander or fight.

There is a common misconception that a female cat should be allowed to have one litter of kittens before being spayed. This is a myth.

A female cat has no anticipation of motherhood, there is no benefit to the cat from having a litter.

Neutering also decreases the risk of acquiring FeLV (Feline Leukaemia Virus) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). Both of these diseases can be transmitted at the time of mating.

FIV is also commonly seen in males that fight a lot (transmission via saliva). Making them less territorial will therefore decrease the risk of disease.

Both male and female cats can be neutered from five months old (but please be guided by your own vet)

Cats Protection has 3 main aims -


Use the contact us page and we will contact you, please remember the branch is run soley by volunteers.

This branch aim is to neuter/spay 300+ Cats & Kittens in 2013.