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8th March 2024

Sir Trevor is looking for a cosy home in Norfolk and his care team is appealing for someone to give this old boy a place to snooze in the spring sun.

Named after the iconic newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald, this eight-year-old cat has been in care at Cats Protection Downham Market for 10 months and he is more than ready to move to a new home.

Leah Snowdon, Rehoming & Welfare Assistant at the charity adoption centre, said: “Sir Trevor is a rather handsome chap and we’ve all fallen for his charms. He is such a lovely lad, full of character.

We can’t see why someone hasn’t yet jumped at the chance to welcome him into their family. I think once he's in a home he will be full of life. That’s why we are making this appeal to find Sir Trevor a home before he is in care for a full year. He deserves better.”

Sir Trevor’s volunteer foster carers have taken good care of him, evidenced by his confident, friendly and playful character, said Leah.

“He is a pleasure to be around and loves to run and play, especially with ping pong balls and toys on a string. Then when he’s had enough playtime, Sir Trevor will often jump on your lap, curl up and fall asleep.

“He greets you with excitement, brushing around your legs and letting out a little chatter. It’s clear that Sir Trevor really likes the company of people and wants to interact with you, which will make him an ideal family cat.”

Sir Trevor is definitely a bit of a home boy, enjoying the comforts of a warm lap as much as the joys of a garden in which to relax and watch life go by.

Leah confirmed: “As well as enjoying the attention, it’s not uncommon to see Sir Trevor in the window, keeping a keen eye on comings and goings in the street. He’s a big fan of the outdoors and can be quite nosey, curious even about his surroundings. He’s like his own neighbourhood watch. If there’s a cat version of a news hound, Sir Trevor is it.”

Apart from having a mild heart murmur, which comes with the recommendation of an annual vet check to monitor any progress, Sir Trevor should be a normal pet cat. Of course, Cats Protection will share Sir Trevor’s medical notes and any suggested care with interested owners before he is signed into their care.

Can you open your home to Sir Trevor? Contact Cats Protection Downham Market Adoption Centre to learn more about the simple adoption process and make an appointment to meet Sir Trevor. 

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