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11th December 2023

Ahead of New Year’s Eve fireworks season, Cats Protection and 15 other charities hosted a Westminster event to call for a review of fireworks legislation.

The event was held by the Fireworks Working Group, which unites 16 charities: Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Battersea, British Veterinary Association, Cats Protection, Children’s Burns Trust, The Kennel Club, Combat Stress, PTSD UK, Dan’s Fund for Burns, Assistance Dogs, Service Dogs, British Horse Society, Redwings, Bravehounds and Help for Heroes.

The charities are calling for the UK Government to conduct a review of existing fireworks legislation, and for the introduction of further restrictions on where and when they can be used. Through better regulating the use of fireworks, the group hopes to limit the unnecessary distress that can be inflicted on people and animals during fireworks season. 

The unpredictable nature of loud noises and flashes from fireworks can be terrifying for affected animals and people. While charities can provide advice on coping with the noise, the Government can play its part by bringing forward legislation that allows those affected to prepare or avoid displays altogether.

Cats Protection’s Advocacy & Government Relations Officer Charlotte Broad said: “We were very pleased to be part of this important event to highlight the harmful effects fireworks can have on vulnerable people, animals and pet owners. We hope that by working together with other charities, we can urge the Government to modernise our fireworks legislation to make sure it is fit for purpose and allow people to enjoy displays without causing excessive stress and discomfort for other people and animals”.

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