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1st November 2022

Cats Protection has joined forces with other leading animal welfare charities to renew calls for the Government to undertake a review of fireworks legislation.

The charity joined up with organisations including Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and British Veterinary Association, in an open letter to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to raise animal welfare concerns caused by fireworks. In addition, the group held a pledge-signing event at the House of Commons on 1 November to gather cross-party support for a review of existing fireworks legislation.

Cats Protection’s Head of Advocacy, Campaigns & Government Relations Madison Rogers said: “Fireworks can be incredibly stressful for cats and other animals, especially if their owners have not had the chance to ensure their cats are safely indoors. Even if they are inside many cats still get stressed and frightened and need extra reassurance and help from their owners to cope with the noise of fireworks.

“Cats Protection has long called on the Government in Westminster to take action to restrict fireworks to certain dates – for example, celebrations such as Bonfire Night and Diwali - which would give owners the advance notice they need to keep their cats safe. We are pleased to be working with Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Battersea Cats and Dogs Home and other organisations to urge the Government to review fireworks legislation to account for their impact on animal welfare.

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