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4th October 2022

Cats Protection has welcomed the proposed ban on snares and glue traps in Wales, which has been included in the Welsh Agriculture Bill announced on 26 September by Lesley Griffiths MS.

Cats Protection’s Senior Advocacy & Digital Campaigns Officer Stefan Blakiston Moore said: “Having campaigned for many years for a ban, Cats Protection is delighted to see the Welsh Government commit to banning the use of snares and glue traps, which is a major step forward for feline welfare.

“Snares and glue traps are inhumane and cruel, causing agonising injuries to cats and other domestic and wild animals. Because of their free-roaming nature, cats are particularly likely to step into and become trapped in a snare or glue trap. Cats not only suffer horrific injuries from being caught in a snare or glue trap but can suffer a long, painful death if they do not manage to get free or are trapped and not discovered.

“Cats Protection looks forward to working with the Welsh Government to advance feline welfare and will continue to campaign in the rest of the UK for a ban on snares.”

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