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2nd February 2024

Elijah is a special cat with a gentle soul, whose quirky paws and kinked tail are a permanent reminder of a challenging start in life.

X-rays show that ink-black Elijah is missing two toes from his front left paw and one from his right, as well as having a stunted tail that is slightly bent. These physical abnormalities are most likely the result of inbreeding in a multi-cat home where unneutered cats were allowed to mate freely.

But this doesn’t stop Elijah being a playful boy with love to offer anyone able to give him a fresh chance. He has had a full health check and vets are confident he should lead a relatively normal life, though arthritis might develop later.

Leah Snowdon, Rehoming & Welfare Assistant at Cats Protection Downham Market, said: “Elijah was timid when he came into our care, overwhelmed by the sudden shift in environment and the attention he was getting.

“As he has relaxed in our care, night cameras have revealed a surprisingly playful, even mischievous, side to Elijah’s character. His true personality is beginning to shine through and we’re confident this gentle two-year-old boy with a real zest for life will blossom in a calm, loving home with someone who respects his needs and will appreciate the companionship of a loving cat.”

Fiona Brockbank, Cats Protection Field Veterinary Officer, emphasised the importance of neutering to prevent similar situations. "Sadly, we see a lot of inbreeding in multi-cat households and it can create a lot of suffering with congenital malformations. 

“While we do our best to help cats like Elijah, the best solution is to prevent the issue at its source. Responsible pet ownership includes neutering your cats at 4 months of age or younger.”

Visit Cats Protection Neutering page to learn more about when to neuter your cat and to check if you are eligible for financial assistance.

Can you open your heart and home to this sweet boy? Contact Cats Protection Downham Market Adoption Centre to learn more about the simple adoption process. 

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